0584A - Ajmer Barauni Urs Special has a total of 0 halts and 0 Intermediate Stations from Sarai Mir to Mau Junction. The total distance of 69 kms. is covered in 1 hrs, 56 min. The Ajmer Barauni Urs Special is a Express train that comes under railways.
Route Details
Train Name Train Number Total Journey Time Total Distance Covered Departure Day from Sarai Mir Arrival Day at Mau Junction
Ajmer Barauni Urs Special 0584A 1 hrs, 56 min 69 Monday Tuesday
Train Time Schedule
Station Name (Code) Distance Travelled Arrival Time Departure Time Travel Days Halt/Intermediate Station Halt Time
Sarai Mir (SMZ) 0 kms. 22:52 22:54 Monday Halt 2 min.
Sarai Rani (RKS) 18 kms. 23:30 23:30 Monday Intermediate Station
Azamgarh (AMH) 26 kms. 23:45 23:50 Monday Halt 5 min.
Sathiaon (SAA) 38 kms. 0:04 0:04 Tuesday Intermediate Station
Muhammadabad (MMA) 47 kms. 0:13 0:15 Tuesday Halt 2 min.
Khurahat (KRT) 52 kms. 0:23 0:23 Tuesday Intermediate Station
Mau Junction (MAU) 69 kms. 0:50 0:55 Tuesday Halt 5 min.