From Amethi (AME) to Nagpur Junction (NGP) Route Train Detail

Train Name Train Number Train Type Total Journey Time Total Distance to be Covered Departure Time from Amethi (AME) Arrival Time at Nagpur Junction (NGP) Departure Day from Amethi (AME) Arrival Day at Nagpur Junction (NGP)
Lucknow Yeshwantpur Express 6504 Express 18 hrs, 7 min 1003 kms. 22:33 16:40 Friday Saturday
Lucknow Yesvantpur Special 6504A Express 3 hrs, 13 min 1003 kms. 16:22 19:35 Sunday Monday
Lucknow-Yesvantpur Weekly SF Express 12540 SuperFast 18 hrs, 0 min 1003 kms. 22:40 16:40 Friday Saturday